About Alerce Software

Alerce designs, builds and maintains high performance and scalable patient billing software and Medicare bulk billing software for general practice doctors, specialists doctors, Allied Health professionals and other health providers. Our products are suitable for individual health practitioners, medium to large size medical practices and medical institutions such as Hospitals and Nursing Homes. We incorporate higly secured and robust web technologogies and SQL relational databases, coupled with a friendly and intuitive user interface.

Our patient billing software effectively manage, analyzes and leverage vast amounts of data to drive critical functions in a medical or health practice. It identify trends, service needs and key performance indicators that show practice performance. Patient's demographic, billing, some clinical information, such as reports is available to all practice staff with the right credentials. As a consequence, it helps to simplify workflow and improvements in efficacy and flexibility.

We support our clients via email or telephone. When requested, we will assist our clients with specialized support functions such as database management, data extraction or disaster recovery and crises management. These support functions are negotiated and charged separately on a case by case basis.

Other Products and Services

  • PGP Key Server

    Alerce PGP Key Server

    You can keep your public PGP Keys in our Key Server. Your public keys are used to encrypt emails sent to you by your colleagues. Keys can be searched for, and downloaded from this server and is a free service offered by Alerce Software to all health practitioners and staff.

  • Merlin

    Merlin is a simple and easy to use web based relationship manager for small business. Incorporates a robust SQL database and a easy to use user interface.