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Dr B A ... 'I think that this is the best software I have ever invested in for my practice. Insight allows me secured remote access to my billing data including creation of invoices, remote claiming and business reports. It gives me flexibility and frees up a lot of my time.'

Dr T S ... 'It is a pleasure to use Insight, it has certainly made our life easier. I have found the running of the surgery much smoother and more professional. I wished I had started using Insight earlier.'

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Dr J M ... 'After a demonstration of Insight and talking to Alerce Software, it was clear to us that Insight matched our needs perfectly. Insight has an on line training module but really the program is super user friendly.'

Dr N I ... 'I needed an easy to use product that could grow with my practice, Insight was perfect for me. I now have Insight running in my three practices.'

Mrs G T ... 'Insight's user friendly structure has given me a sense of control over my Psychology practice. By regularly entering patient data, clinical reports, and attendance information, I can instantly access an overview of the services I have provided to my patients. I can provide history of contacts, copies of clinical reports, communications with referral sources, Mental Health Care Plans and all correspondence. By regularly entering and monitoring patients billing, I have a precise record of my financial status. I can print BAS Reports in a moment and I can understand where I have accumulated expenses. Insight has simplified my record keeping so that I can focus my time and energy on providing the best possible service to my therapy patients and the professionals that refer them to me.'